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ISBN # 978-0-373-11919-8
August 2008
250 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Mass Market Paperback
184 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Medical
Rating: 3 Cups

Flora Harris is newly-returned to her childhood home, Glenmore Island. She is a nurse working with the overburdened Dr. Logan MacNeil and his heavily pregnant wife Evanna.

Connor MacNeil was the island’s resident bad boy. A victim of a horrible childhood, he left to join the army and train as a doctor, but now he is back to help his cousin, Logan.

At opposite ends of the spectrum on Glenmore Island, Flora Harris, the shy good girl, and Connor MacNeil, the flamboyant and often destructive bad boy, could not be more wrong for each other. But when they both return to the island after a long absence, the sparks fly. Flora hopes that the man who does not do permanent relationships will make an exception in her case.

This is a fast-moving and entertaining romance. The author has taken a common theme and made it fresh. The island setting is a very good one, and the author really captures the spirit of a mostly isolated small town and its gossipy inhabitants. The two main characters are very different, yet alike in the ways that count. I enjoyed reading about how “bad” Connor wins over the locals while not really wanting to. Some of the older ladies of the island were a hoot, but it was the love story that really held my attention. Flora’s come a long way from being the only girl in school not kissed by Connor.

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