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ISBN# 978-037327458
March 1, 2008
225 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario, M3B 3K9Address
117 Pages
Silhouette Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Serenity June Woodson, Seri, is a science teacher with no Nobel Peace Prize to boast of but rather a conquest to help her aunt. When her aunt puts her trust in a new friend, Seri must prove the man is a phony, out to take her precious necklace for his own.

Prince Carch Sunstryker, royal prince of Galifrax and intergalactic explorer, knows all about trouble. He is searching for a precious necklace his grandfather left in the possession of an earth woman. Unless he returns it to his planet, his family could die.

Seri gets a phone call from her psychic aunt when her favorite necklace is stolen. Aunt Tildy has worn the necklace for forty-two years. What strikes Seri even more is the fact Aunt Tildy claims her new friend will help. Aunt Tildy has not been with a man for forty-two years and still pines for him. Seri is certain whoever this new man in her aunt’s life is, he is not there to offer help especially when her aunt insists he is from another planet. It is imperative for Carch to find the necklace for his family’s survival. Now he must combine forces with Seri to find it before it is too late for his people. Falling in love with Seri was not part of the deal, and losing her heart to Carch was something the plain, ordinary teacher never saw coming.

The Rebel Prince is an interesting read. I found Seri and Carch an ideal match even though they must assess the situation to feel the love between them. I love Aunt Tildy and found her a great access for the storyline. I enjoyed the part where she speaks of Carch’s grandfather. I could practically see the glowing effect on her face. This pulse-pounding read is really a page-turner. Nina Bruhns sketches fine characters, delicious scenes and earth-shattering moments making this mildly sensual read most gratifying.

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