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ISBN# 978-1-935013-08-2
May 2008
Freya's Bower
156 Pages
IR Romantic Sci-Fi/ Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Jordanne Saunders is the Admiral of the Red Storm ship. Being a Saunders has made Jordanne's journey to becoming a Captain a lot of heartache, there are plenty of people who want Jordanne to fail. Jordanne is carrying government leaders and others on her voyage, and although the scrutiny is tough, Jordanne is determined to succeed. Jordanne is taken off guard however; when she is given her grandmother's journal, only to realize she has a mystery and maybe a murder to solve.

Delph Hunter Wesley Cofferdrake is the best at what he does, and with all he has heard about Jordanne, he felt sure she would need all the help she could get. After all Wesley is put on the Red Storm for a purpose and that purpose is Jordanne. But Wesley knows he will have to keep his mind on his duty or else his mission aboard Red Storm will be for naught.

Jordanne finds out that; not only does she have the problems of the Delph beasts, red storms and an outbreak of diseases to worry about on her ship, she now has to worry about if she is losing her mind like her grandmother before her, or if someone is trying to kill her. The journal makes Jordanne suspect that her grandmother was murdered instead of an illness that lead to her death. Jordanne turns to Wesley and soon they become very close. Working together they try to figure out who is trying to kill Jordanne, but what they do not realize is the killer is far closer and more dangerous than either knew.

This Red Storm is a sci-fi fantasy that really takes you into another world. Creative characters and a strong dialog turn this story from a calm sea to the most fantastic storm possible. I was never bored as this action packed tale seems to always have all kinds of ingenious ways to entertain and enhance the story. The romance between Jordanne and Wesley was sizzling hot, and full of sexual tension. All in all this is one tale sure to please all sci-fi and fantasy fans.

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