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ISBN# Not Available
April 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
261 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

J. Emberly McFeebe no longer regards himself as the town of Lynchburg, Virginia’s, distinguished columnist. Since he needs pills badly, he visits the psychoanalysis doctor often to keep a good supply of tranquilizers on hand.

Annette Minor does some writing as well as lecturing. She hopes to find someone to sublease her apartment while she visits an ill sister, who is possibly dying. Once she meets Emberly, things will never be the same.

Emberly once worked as an organizer for the state Labor Federation but now he spends his time working with the newspaper. Annette has held some teaching positions at wonderful institutions. She has a status as a historian, but coming face to face with Emberly, their first meeting is anything but ordinary. In fact, one could almost say it is electrifying. Emberly likes the way Annette has an Oxfordian air about her. He senses something dark about her. Their first encounter turns into a sizzling one that he finds hard to forget as she pulls him into the sinister whirlpool of her strange life. In time, when he tries to break things off with her, things become a bit too misconstrued for his own good.

The author carries the reader into an interesting story in The Return of Lilith. His voice expressly describes an area that the reader can visualize, and characters with complicated lives. I thought the story moved at a good pace. As Hunter James speaks of the dark and new world, I found it an absorbing experience to say the least. I like the way he mixes in some verses of hymns along the way. I have to say the ending left me speechless in this tale with twists and turns that I never saw coming.

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