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ISBN# 978-1-60088-070-4
December 2006
Cobblestone Press
87 pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 2 cups

Jamilah, an expert on Ancient Egypt, has been left a mirror by her grandfather. After reading the inscription, she is catapulted into a world she does not understand and rescued by the most intriguing man she has ever met.

Dane is a magus and has dedicated his life to helping save his people from the evil god, Set. On one of his patrols through the abandoned city, he meets a woman who immediately draws his interest. He feels that he has met her before.

An Egyptian scholar is sucked into a parallel universe by the released god, Set. He thinks she is Isis and is to be his wife. She has a protector in Dane, who time after time saves her from Set and his monsters. She still does not know why she is in this place, but feels a connection with the magus.

This is a confusing and disjointed story that finally comes together in the last few pages. The characters are for the most part appealing, but other than Dane and Set, lack much description. The setting is very well described and the plot has potential but never quite gels.

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