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ISBN#: 9781554870752
June 15, 2008
eXtasy Books
265 Pages
Erotic, Fantasy, Ménage, Adventure, Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Princess Cassandra Wellington of Kensington carries the enormous burden of saving her kingdom squarely on her shoulders. She must locate the Sunken Islands and return the Ruby Idol or evil shall reign over the land.

Keidon Roke is one of the greatest warriors to ever live. His victories in battle are unparalleled, but in love he is not so lucky. He wishes for the fighting to end, and maybe one day to have a family of his own.

Cassandra is on a quest that very likely could end in her death, as well as those of her people. She must remain pure and true if she is to save humanity from evil. However, this becomes the greatest challenge of all when she meets Keidon Roke. Her destiny is to marry a prince, not a warrior, but one look at this magnificent man and her heart melts. Keidon never believed he could find another woman to love until he meets Cassandra. She literally takes his breath away with her beauty. Cassandra fights her growing passion for Keidon, but her body has a will of its own. Keidon knows nothing of Cassandra’s true identity or her quest until it is too late. Could their love be the end of mankind or the beginning of wonderful future?

This is a magical fantasy that I felt needed to break out of its mold. The characters and plot languished with predictability. The storyline felt much like movie remakes past their prime. The writing itself is well done, which makes the story flow easily. I am sure with a fresh perspective this author’s talent will really shine through.

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