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ISBN#: 9780425224526
November 2008
Berkley Sensation/Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
328 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Angela Palmerston is a ruined woman. At seventeen she gave herself to the man she loved who she thought was going to marry her, only to discover he was already betrothed to someone else. As penance, and because her mother asked her to leave and never return, she has been living at Stanbrook Abbey for the last six years.

Lord Phillip lost everything when he found out he was not born first; his twin was. As a result he has no money, as well as nothing to recommend him. A scoundrel by his own admission, he has ruined four young women, and is considered to be less than acceptable by most of polite society.

When Phillip is beaten, robbed and left for dead by men who work for someone to whom he owes money, it is fortunate that he is found and taken to Stanbrook Abbey. With the help of Angela, a young woman living at the Abbey, he survives and begins to heal. While doing so, he and Angela begin getting to know one another and it is not long before Angela’s beauty and kind heart—in spite what has happened to her—begin winning Phillip over. However, it will take more than a glib tongue and good looks to get Angela to take Phillip’s attraction seriously. She may have been fooled once by good looks and charm, but she has learned her lesson and has no intention of falling under a scoundrel’s spell again. However, it is not long before Angela changes Phillip and they both begin falling under the other’s spell. Unfortunately, the men who beat and left him for dead are not far behind, and are just waiting for another opportunity to have a go at him. Will these two be able to get their pasts straightened out so they can have a future together, or will Fate land another blow?

The Rogue and The Rival is a delightful read that takes place in Regency England, one of my favorite periods in history. Ms. Rodale does a wonderful job of bringing to life what life was like for a young girl who did not follow the dictates of society but instead followed her heart. I also enjoyed how she took a character whom it was very easy to dislike and showed how it was possible for that person to change if he really wanted to. I admit I started off really disliking Lord Phillip, but by the third chapter I was able to see why he had done the things he did. Their relationship was brought beautifully to life by the author, showing the reader both the ups and downs, as well as the pitfalls, making for a read that kept this reader glued to the pages. This is a great story, and one well worth adding to anyone’s library!

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