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ISBN# (10): 0-06-125237-9/ (13): 978-0-06-125237-2
October 1, 2007
AVON Books (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
$6.99 U.S./$9.99 Canada
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Grant Robertson, the 10th Earl of Straithern, worries for his life after the mysterious deaths of his two brothers. Not certain about his future, Grant seeks a wife.

Gillian Cameron has been asked by Dr. Fenton to help his daughter, Arabella, prepare for her wedding with Grant. She did not expect to find love after meeting Grant.

Grant does not smile much since his brother’s death. Even though the doctor assures Grant should be all right, he still wonders could the blood disease jeopardize his life. Deciding to live as if he were dying, Grant sets forth to find a wife, marry, and produce an heir. He inquires of Dr. Fenton’s, daughter, Arabella. Perhaps Grant could marry her. Dr. Fenton agrees and asks Gillian to help make Arabella suitable for the marriage. As Arabella’s companion, it should be an easy task. Grant never dreamed that once he saw Gillian, he would be smitten. Gillian seems powerless to Grant’s charm, almost wishing she was the bride-to-be. Arabella does not seem suited for Grant. She hardly has any life in her and lacks in social graces. Grant is intrigued with Gillian, but he is still conscious of his position in society. His ancestors are part of Scotland’s history. His mother never left Rosemoor after his father’s death and Grant must find a wife that will not create a scandal. Gillian is more in control of her life and shows interest in the work Grant does in his lab. Grant and Gillian try to avoid any temptation, unaware danger lurks nearby. One thing is certain, no matter how great their love grows for the other; Gillian will never be anyone’s mistress.

The Scottish Companion is a thrilling read that captures the heart as the reader is lured into the lives of the enticing characters. Grant and Gillian have both suffered sorrow and the way they are able to share communication is like a healing to their soul. The portrayal of the well-spun characters breathe life into the pages, and Grant’s mother, Dorothea, Countess of Straithern, is no exception after losing a husband and two sons. I could almost feel her loss and how she worries over Grant. It is a genuine love. Arabella plays a good part in the story that keeps the reader guessing if Grant will go through the marriage. The climatic ending leaves the reader in awe in this captivating story. Karen Ranney is a remarkable author with a special aptitude in her writing that produces compassion and strong emotions that create a believable tale.

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