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THESE ARE MY CONFESSIONS (Anthology of stories)
ISBN# (10): 0-06-119311-9/ (13): 978-0-06-119311-8 Paperback, (10): 0-06-145393-5/ (13) 978-0-06-145393-9 E-Book Format
July 2007
AVON (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$13.95 U.S./$17.50 Canada / E-Book $10.95
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Love B-Ball Style

Bianca will be glad when the week is up and her temporary job as personal assistant to an overgrown NBA superstar, is over. She is sure there are many others who would love to be Glen Goodman’s assistant but she is not one of them.

Sasha is not happy with Glen’s new assistant who behaves more like an agent than a lowly assistant. Sasha wants Glen all to herself. She wants to have his baby.

Glen Goodman knows Sasha is great when it comes to sexual satisfaction but that can only go so far. He depends on Bianca because she is skilled in her job. With her master’s degree in marketing, he knows she can handle his responsibilities.

Bianca is fed up catering to Glen and his slick-tongue Barbie doll girlfriend, Sasha. It was a temporary job but now her Aunt Pearl insists she stay and give Glen a chance. Glen needs someone dependable to handle his business affairs, especially with the media. Bianca helps his life run smoothly. Glen is not prepared for Bianca’s terms when he offers to hire her permanently. She wants her salary doubled, with expenses and benefits for her services. She drives a hard bargain but Glen needs her, so he agrees, which disappoints Sasha, for now miss librarian will be staying. As the two work together, Bianca and Glen begin sharing warm and interesting conversations that leads to much more. Sasha plans to show Glen how serious she is about him. Bianca has already had one broken heart by one other man, and finds it hard to trust them. As she and Glen grow closer, both learn the difference of love and infatuation while taking a gamble in life.

This is a refreshing read. Bianca is an intelligent heroine with guts. I really like her style especially when it comes to setting her terms for a job. She is just the right person to show Glen the real meaning in life. Joy King creates a triangle read sure to please.

These Are My Confessions

Kennedy Logan works as a customer service representative for a telecommunications company and is a private person. Getting caught in an office romance was not her intention.

Drake Collis is the new manager of the company. He has arrived in Atlanta from California and persuasive is his middle name.

Kennedy decides the best thing to help her when she is having a bad time in her life is to record her thoughts in a journal. The other is talking to her mother and friend, Taylor. After an office fling with someone she thought she loved fails, her mother tells her Drake was just no good for her. Kennedy does not give her love away frivolously but Drake was the perfect specimen of a strong black man and she was seduced by his charm. Drake likes to possess woman and use them to his advantage. Taking Kennedy he molds her into something she is not and when she finally wakes to the truth, she must confront the wicked beast and stand her ground if she wishes her complete life back.

Electa Rome Parks creates a read loaded in hot scorching sexual passion that leads to some intrigue and a bit of an office sting for the characters. She takes a lonely girl and allows her to become involved with what she considers the perfect male. It is a story of a woman many can identity. A man walks in with just the right words to make everything right but eventually turns everything wrong. This tight and fiery read, with strong dialogue, has a little of Kennedy in each reader.


Alexis is trying to get over her devastating breakup with her fiancé of three years. What better way then to head to Dallas for a fun-filled summer vacation.

Melony is a friend of Alexis’ sister. When Alexis visits, Melony strikes more than a friendship with Alexis.

Alexis feels a little time visiting her detective sister in Dallas, will allow her to find some spice in her life. The last day of school she tells her students to return with some great stories because she plans to return with some great ones. Before Alexis leaves for Dallas she has a sexual moment with a woman that piques her curiosity. She is eager to explore a bit more even if she has to search some online possibilities. Alexis finds that she can easily communicate with Melony. There is a Black Widow that has already killed five men the police are looking for and Alexis finds herself in a jam where Melony comes to her rescue. But Melony may have a few more secrets of her own that Alexis is unaware.

Cheryl Robinson creates quite a stirring tale that keeps the reader entertained. One cannot help but feel a bit of compassion for Alexis and what she goes through trying to find that happy medium in her life. With fresh characters and a little twist on affairs, this is a non-stop read sure to please.

Divas Need Love To

Lucky continues to have dreams about a lover. No longer waiting tables, she decides to fulfill her childhood fantasies and become a singer.

Spock is her ex boyfriend and the love of her dreams. He hopes to re-create their love once more.

Her family and friends insist she get a real job, but Lucky is doing what she enjoys, singing and writing songs. Instead she listens to her heart and now lives in a mansion in Miami with a platinum record thanks to her hard work and perseverance. For some reason she has trouble hooking a man and hanging on to them. She has come to respect love, not desire it. When she has a CD platinum party, she is surprised when Spock arrives. It is apparent that she and Spock still have some history that just might be in the making again. He does not wish to disturb her groove since she is always with fans, but when a disturbed fan causes too much of a scene, she can only hope her dream lover; Spock will come to her rescue.

Sexually erotic, this story by Méta Smith will have the reader guessing to the outcome. With some spirited characters and a fan that is a bit on the eerie side, this heated read will show with a bit of resolve one can set their mind to do anything they desire.

These are My Confessions are four inspiring stories filled with more than just ecstasy and erotic sizzle. The dialogue is superb and the characters each have riveting appeal that draws them out in some way to make a change in their life. With tight writing, each author enlists something for every reader. Equally they have created a fabulous four that spirals with some kind of emotion in this mouthwatering read.

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