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ISBN- 9780981712338
March 2009
Imagination Publishing
213 pages
Creation/ Inspiration
Rating: 4 cups

Author Paul Hutchins is inviting the reader to open their mind and let their imagination run free. He shows the reader how some of the great minds of this world have used their imaginations to create the impossible.

He separates each section into acts, taking the reader into the deeper into the depths of space with each act. Through pictures, he allows the reader to take a look at how miniscule we really are in the universe.

Mr. Hutchins asks the reader to step through the Secret Doorway and see what imagination has brought us. From Galileo and his discovery of the four largest moons of Jupiter to Edwin Hubble and his discovery of galaxies beyond the Milky Way, the reader is encouraged to see whatever it is they want to see: a universe created by a higher power or a universe which came into being a different way.

The pictures in this book are magnificent. The way in which the author shows the similarities between Monet and Edwin Hubble shows the extent of research and thought put into the writing of this particular journey. This is truly an adventure into space showing how people have used their imaginations to discover the greatest of things. Mr. Hutchins gave me something to stop and think about. The one thing I think I take with me as I set this book aside is that “the universe we see with the naked eye is only a tiny fraction of the universe which exists.” Well-written with some very thought provoking passages, I found inspiration within the covers of The Secret Doorway.

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