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ISBN# (10): 0-373-65420-0/ (13): 978-0-373-65420-6
October 2007
Harlequin Everlasting Love
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
$5.25 U.S./$6.25 Canada
280 Pages
Fiction / Everlasting Love
Rating: 5 Cups

Emily Porter thought she would never find a love so genuine after a bad divorce with Dennis. She married him to prove to her mother she could marry someone successful, but he became too dominant for her. When she meets Ethan, his love moves her in a way she has never known.

Twelve years ago, Ethan Douglas gave up the actor life and moved to Maine. After his wife left him for someone else she died, the tabloids said he killed her, but Ethan knows the truth. Emily moves him like no other woman has.

Josh Lundgren loves carpentry and cabinetry, preferring to work at every worksite than in an office. He, too, has seen his own side of tragedy. When he meets Emily, things take a different spin for him.

Emily is an artist and a part-time employee at a discount store. She always panics when her mother, Helene pays a visit. Her former college roommate and best friend, Maggie, always lends a hug to help Emily through those visits. Helene thinks Emily needs a suitable suitor. Of course they are usually geared to please Helene more than Emily. Out of the blue, Emily spots a photo of an actor and immediately tells her mother she is seeing Ethan Douglas. Her mother is not pleased. He has no money and is older. Before Emily knows what hit her, Ethan is in town. Ethan no longer acts but is a photographer. Emily quickly bribes him into being her boyfriend; never realizing love would strike instantaneously. Falling in love, getting married and becoming pregnant was a dream come true as they moved into the beautiful cottage. Then Helene hears rumors that Ethan murdered his first wife. Ethan and Emily open up about their past experiences. Everything is blissful until tragedy strikes, leaving Emily alone with their son, Sam, and their dog. She begins to see Ethan in the cottage and shares conversations with him, and wonders if it is all a dream. When the cottage burns down, she calls upon Josh to help her with a project. As the days pass before them something stirs within them that she is certain has Ethan stamped all over it.

I was deeply moved by this powerful story. I could relate to Emily in many ways as a widow and trying to have patience, wondering if the pain will ever go away from losing a spouse that the heart loves more than anything. I could share in her grief, even when she tries to please her mother. The Secret Dreams of Emily Porter is a poignant story, one that I could read again and again and still get something from it. I enjoyed how Judith Raxten crafted this splendid gem. She creates Emily, Ethan, and Josh so convincing the reader shares in all their experiences. This is a rare read that should not be missed!

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