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ISBN# (10) 0373039514 and (13) 978-0373039517
May 2007
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B, 3K9
192 Pages
Contemporary Tender
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Gabriella March is simply Ellie March, living a double life, one a fictitious Lady living a grandeur life, the other a columnist for ‘Milady’ magazine, whose life is about to turn chaotic.

Dr. Benedict Faulkner was not due home for nine months since he was on the other side of the world studying ancient tribal split infinitives. He is surprised to run into Ellie.

Her late husband, Sean, told Ellie life was too short and too uncertain to put dreams on hold, words that were a part of her life, especially after meeting Ben. She unexpectedly stumbles into him when he returns home early. She informs she is babysitting the house for his sister, Adele. It is the perfect home that gives her the inspiration to compose her works. She finds Ben a most unusual person, and quite handsome. Ben inquires if Ellie is a research student but Ellie quickly fabricates she is the cleaning lady. They immediately have some fun little squabbles and she explains, if he has a problem, take it up with Adele. Ben and Ellie form an attraction as they try to fight lingering feelings but Ellie wonders should she let down her defenses after losing Sean.

The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella is an intriguing good read that adds wit, zest and great dialogue. I enjoyed reading how Ellie shifted from both lives while trying to get over her loss. I loved her antics, her emotions and the way she stands her ground with Ben in their camaraderie. Liz Fielding takes feisty characters, along with secondary ones, that lend depth to the storyline, and creates a whirlwind romance with wonderful twists and turns that truly delights. There were moments I was in awe over the encounters with Ben and Ellie in this stunning tale.

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