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ISBN# 9781601681737
January 2, 2009
Aspen Mountain Press
106 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Agent Bacchus is a secret service agent who longs to be on the President’s personal protection detail. He is the youngest of the detail of men chosen to protect the President.

Apollo, Odin, and Kapua are the other men on the detail.

When Bacchus gets chosen to help protect the President, he is very excited as it is a dream come true. However, it is not long before it becomes apparent that a psycho and his group of religious zealots are gunning for the President, and they all will have to be on their toes. Getting involved with a woman whose husband is giving money to the zealots makes things even more dicey, especially when his actions in doing so have dire consequences. Whether or not anyone survives becomes a huge question mark.

The Secret Service Agent is a good story. I enjoyed how the author played the different personalities of the agents off each other. The dialogue is witty and Mr. Templin did a great job showing the reader the inside of Bacchus’ head. My biggest problem with the story and why I did not give it a higher rating was that I found it very difficult to follow what was going on. The scenes did not appear to connect well together, so I often felt as though I was missing big chunks of events. Despite this I found the story a good read.

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