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ISBN# 0-7582-1450-2
January 2007
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$14.00 U.S./$20.00 Canada
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Holly Hillbay considers herself the best PI in Goleta, California even though she is having a bad week. She feels like her ex-fiancé, Brad the cad, is the reason behind losing her bread-and-butter client. Ready to take on another case, she enters a book club incognito.

Wes Brockman is the owner of Books on the Beach. No sooner than he sets his gaze on Holly, he knows he likes what he sees.

Cullen likes to use and discard women without even considering the consequences.

Holly gets a high catching scum who cheat on their wives. She heads to Books on the Beach bookstore anxious to expose the owner, Wes and the married Tanya Shaker with their sordid affair, only to have a handsome man speak to her with a voice that sends heat all down her body. When she learns he is Wes, the blaze suddenly dwindles to nothing. Wes overhears her making a comment during the book club about ‘lust over love,’ and it gnaws at his brain. He finds Holly breathtaking with an attitude that ignites his flesh. While Wes is keeping his eyes on Holly, she is getting a good view of the others in the club and what she sees is Tanya with another man, who introduced himself as Cullen, and something quickly informs that Wes is not the one keeping Tanya warm. Apparently someone got their wires crossed. Now Holly must do more research. Along the way she becomes really connected with Wes. When mischief befalls Cullen, Holly has her plate full with a twist of murder, some mixture of blackmail, and a bit of betrayal as she searches for answers to solve the crime, while each day time spent with Wes only gets hotter.

Scrumptious, delectable banter, along with chemistry that escapes the pages, the instant Holly makes acquaintance with Wes; The Sex On The Beach Book Club is one fast moving read that lends great spontaneity between the main characters. After Holly and Wes have their suspicions about the murder and who is possibly behind everything, the fanning flames heat with his touch, his gaze and irresistible sparks that detonate like a stick of dynamite. Wes is the ideal man who actually listens to Holly every time she speaks and he is always there for her. The more she tries to fight the feelings; he is eagerly coaxing her in some way. She feels like she is not worth loving but Wes is determined to prove she is, as they both work to find out why someone decided to kill Cullen. Ms. Apodaca mixes some hot drama, not only between the characters, but in their action to get down to the truth about the blackmail and betrayal. She makes all her characters believable and captures the reader’s attention immediately with her remarkable writing. I found the plot to be well constructed, the characters thoroughly engaging and the book itself really an absolute wonderful addition to anyone’s library.

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