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ISBN#: (10)0061645397/(13)9780061645396/Hardcover-(10)0061375330/(13)9780061375330
April 22, 2008
EOS (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
E-Book and Hardcover
$ 19.95 E-Book and $25.95 Hardcover
448 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Young Fawn Bluefield is able to survive magical powers while falling in love with Dag. She is loyal to him in every way, yet no matter how strong their love, they are still at odds with the prejudice within their families.

Dag Redwing Hickory is a soldier-sorcerer surviving every spiral of magical dangers he encounters. With Fawn he has found complete love and loyalty, wishing to spend his days with her, but the bigotry of their families is hard to overcome.

Fawn and Dag have suffered many ordeals, making their love stronger and their strength greater. Then again, sometimes the pressures of the discrimination of their family members are difficult to endure. They decide to embark on new surroundings and try to sort out why there is such a death-defying difference within their people. Fawn's brother, Whit, tags along. He, too, has trouble on the Bluefield family farm. Just when they think they are alone, the comrades gain passage on a riverboat departing for the sea. They meet a flatboat captain who is searching for her father and fiancé. They had no idea the sea adventure would embrace them with others with similar differences as those of Fawn and Dag. Finding life with others often proves not only a pathway of new discoveries, but a survival test as Fawn and Dag are faced with the possibilities that sometimes even bigotry within families can spread in other parts of the world. Will they finally be able to get past the diversity, along with the dangerous perils, to find happiness forever?

I love The Sharing Knife Passage. There were many moments in the travels that it reminded me of the Mark Twain adventures. The moments on the sea, and the meeting of the different misfits of characters along the way, were spellbinding. Fawn and Dag, as well as Whit, the troubled brother, were unique in their life string of events. Lois McMaster Bujold tells a fascinating story that engages the reader. With just the right sprinkling of romance, adventure, and passion, this story is magnificent. She crafts a fantasy that this reader was glad to be a part of and an innumerable secondary cast that made the trip even more bountiful.

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