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ISBN# 978-1-59632-585-2
November 27, 2007
Loose Id, LLC
92 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Shayla is Merderan and the Sheeman, a virgin princess of her people. In an effort to get out of an arranged marriage she wants no part of, she washes up on an island of misfits, and garbage.

King Lenard is the bastard offspring of a human and a Bengal tiger. His father raped his human mother, and as punishment she and her family banished Lenard and his twin sister to the island filled with garbage.

When Lenard first sees the unconscious Shayla he thinks she is not that attractive, or so he tells himself. However, her defiance wakes something in him he has never before felt. In spite of this, he decides to use Shayla as a bargaining chip to get he and his subjects a better home. He strikes a bargain with her that if she wants her freedom she must submit to him sexually for a month until she is pregnant. Shayla agrees figuring it is a small price to pay to get off the island and back home. But when Shayla’s father reacts differently than Lenard had hoped, their world tilts on its axis leaving each of them floundering. As if this were not bad enough, Shayla carries a secret that could destroy their budding relationship forever.

The Sheeman is delightful! I loved Lenard’s fierceness and his confusion over how best to deal with Shayla. His doubts about himself and whether or not how he is treating Shayla makes him any better than his father make him endearing. I especially liked how Shayla dealt with Lenard’s myriad of creatures. Their mutual passion while reluctant at first on Shayla’s part fairly scorches the pages. This is one book that you will not want to miss reading!

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