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ISBN# 978-1-6394-090-0
September 2007
New Concepts Publishing
142 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Nicole is one of the chosen ones. Raised in the Highlands of Scotland, she has no clue as to her true origins. She is reviled by the village she grew up in, as well as a great evil just waiting to destroy her.

Valentinus Romulus is a Shield; a man chosen by the Fae to fight a great evil that is attempting to destroy the realms. He has a dark secret from his past that he has yet to let go of.

When a giant Gryphon attacks the village that Nicole grew up in, she knows her time is up and that she is going to die. However, fate has another task for her. Val and Gabriel, both Shields, are there to make certain she lives to complete it. Val is drawn to Nicole, but he is determined to resist her singular allure. In spite of this, Nicole does get to him and they become very close. Will Val and Gabriel be able to keep Nicole alive long enough to take her to a safe place? Or will the Gryphon and the great evil win, causing Val to lose Nicole forever?

This book is a delightful story with plenty of intrigue and secrets. I adored how Ms. Grant reveals just enough information to keep the reader begging for more. The action is well drawn out, and the world building is well conceived. The romance that blooms between Val and Nicole is heartwarming. The lovemaking scenes are tasteful and laden with emotion. I especially liked that Val had flaws. I have read too many books where the hero is perfect. Nicole is just the sort of woman you would want to have as a friend. A fun read with plenty of action that I have no problem recommending to all!

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