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ISBN# 1-933563-91-5
October 1, 2007
Siren Publishing
252 Pages
Erotic Romance / Dark Paranormal Fantasy / Unicorn Shape-shifters
Rating: 4 Cups

Illori Swain is a unicorn who possesses the powers of premonition and luck. For a thousand years, she was captive of the Fallen Angel Belial who tried to brainwash her for her powers. She finally found an escape.

Karsten Morris is a secret agent. He is also a stallion Unicorn who does not have the option of exposing himself as such. Trying to save the world from itself with the superclassified operations run by M16, he no longer feels he is making a dent.

Illori feels the faint scars that remain from the collar around her neck after escaping the evil Belial for trying to trap her powers. Raised by her mother, it was important to find mates to support their life force and have offspring. As long as female unicorns stayed untouched, they could support their own life support. No longer pure, their magic is lost and they die. Her freedom is shortened when Satan sends a hunter after her. Karsten misses his home but thanks to a Fey the portal was closed. As a royal heir, he desires to return to his palace and his people. Instead home is just a memory. When he meets up with Illori, he may have found a way to find complete happiness but first they have to stay one step ahead of the hunters that are hot on their trail.

I loved the beautiful romance that stirred between Illori and Karsten. I could really sense the strong love that Karsten emitted for Illori. She is powerful in her actions making The Soft Edge of Midnight a fantastic read. With a hot witch, a Fey and some devils thrown into the picture to make the read even more intriguing; Stella and Audra Price create a sizzling fast-paced story that is very enchanting.

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