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ISBN# 978-0-9804133-0-4
September 7, 2007
Eternal Press
123 Pages
Urban Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups


Isabella Barton is engaged to a diabolical man. Not wishing to be with him any longer, she heads to her grandmother’s mansion where she learns her grandmother was a witch and left a spell book.

Isabella's fiance, Ivan Sergeyev, is handsome and educated and the right hand of the Russian mafia boss in the States. He owns a chain of five-star hotels, a great way to launder money. Isabella grows tired of the way Ivan conducts business. She thought she loved him but he abused her trust. Ivan sets up a dinner engagement with Vladimir Chevtsov and leaves special instructions with Vladimir that Isabella is to be extremely nice. Isabella refuses to be sold as a harlot and runs away to the two-hundred-year-old mansion her grandmother left her.

When Isabella comes upon a spell that promises a man she can trust with unconditional love, she gives it a try. She discovers a man on the waters edge. Just as she is about to help him, a stranger appears claiming he is the Story Weaver. The Story Weaver knows all magic comes with a price but earthly possessions mean nothing to him. He knows the identity of the stranger and says that if Isabella wishes the man, she must trade for her happiness. She is instructed she has until the end of the fourteenth day to make the man love her and the medallion will be returned. Zacharias is the First Sorcerer to the King of Layleah. One thing he never expected was being thrown into the future, literally snatched from the land he was born. Zac was in the middle of a battle when the next thing he remembered was blackness. When he wakes, he is unfamiliar with his whereabouts. He knows he is not in the King’s year 1157. Being with Isabella has changed him. After losing his wife, he thought he would never love again until he met Isabella. But complications arise not only with the Story Weaver but Ivan when he comes for Isabella.

I like Spellbound. Julie D’Arcy not only creates believable characters but she pits them in situations that make the reader wonder if they will ever resolve the matters that surface. Here Isabella has finally found the courage to escape Ivan, when she encounters the Story Weaver, who has his own little devises to make Isabella’s life a bit more problematical. This compelling story really grabbed this reader.

Dust and Moonlight

Kira Barton, daughter of Isabella and Zacharias, is a criminal psychological profiler. She continues to have dreams of a man in a long black robe. Her mother informs it is the Story Weaver and to be careful, he wishes a story. Isabella has long warned her daughter, Kira about the Story Weaver. Kira had heard how the Story Weaver had a hand in bringing her parents together, as well as the stories concerning her great grandmother and her sorcery stuff; she had in her home, where her parents still lived. Zac insist she keep the medallion with her to protect her from harm. Whatever the case, the fitful dreams were taking a toll on Kira.

Balion is the First Prince of Layleah, King Beldade’ son, and when he sees the medallion he demands to know where she got it. His father had presented it to Zacharias. He lives in the Kingdom of Layleah in the year 1179.

Kira really could do without the dreams especially when she was in the middle of trying to help track down a killer, known as the Scarlet Angel. Kira was on a stakeout when she realized she had been setup. Before she knows what is happening, she feels a knife to her throat as she clutches the medallion in her hand. When Kira wakes she is in a different world. Kira and Balion soon get to know a little more about the other and feel a love, she hopes can transcend through time. Little does Kira and Balion realize, the Story Weaver is about to intervene and Kira’s destiny will never be the same.

In Dust and Moonlight, K. Celeste Bryan presents a story so real and vivid; the reader is in complete awe. Years later, the daughter of Isabella and Zacharias has her own magical moment. I found the story very uplifting. I love Kira and her determination. She and Balion sort of get on a rough start but once they find their connection, this reader wanted them desperately to find themselves into each others arms and never release the hold.

Story Weaver is a splendid tale that does more than charm the audience. It is a fantasy that pits a dark side against a good side, only to allow the strength of excellent characters to come out and seize the day. In Spellbound, I admired Isabella for the way she found her nerve to not stay in a bad situation any longer. I could share in Zac’s plight as he tried to understand his presence dilemma. In Dust and Moonlight, the story brought a tear to my eye and made my heart leap for joy in more than one way. The book by two different authors, Ms. D’Arcy and Ms. Bryan, magnificently spins two different tales, yet magically weaves them in a way to keep the storyline consistent in not losing the reader. Two great storytellers, and one amazing book that mesmerizes the reader with a different type of magical fantasy.

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