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ISBN# 9780553384642
March 2009
Bantam Books
Trade Paperback
540 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Deirdre began her life under the darkness of a druid’s prophecy, and she will never know absolute freedom until she can see beyond the veil of her humanity. Her very existence foretells the fall of a king, but it is that same king who covets her to the detriment of all else.

Second only to the great warrior Cuchulainn, Naisi and his brothers, Arden and Ainnle, carry the power of the Red Branch in their hearts. They are the most formidable trio ever to fight for the people of Erin, but Naisi carries a darkness in his soul that threatens to destroy everything that he holds dear.

Growing up, Deirdre never knew a life beyond her small patch of forest, and only the eminent summons from King Conor to become his bride are enough to push her beyond the boundaries he laid out for her. She cannot bear the thought of any man keeping her captive, no matter how gilded that cage may be. She stumbles upon Naisi and his brothers, and knows without a doubt that he is her answer to freedom. The four of them set forth on a journey that is fraught with betrayal and danger, and the knowledge that no matter where they go they can never outrun their destiny.

The Irish legend of Deirdre and Naisi is retold in exquisite detail by Jules Watson. She brings to life every drop of rain, blade of grass, and scent of the forest for her readers. Her characters sway you with their heart-rending love for each other and their lands, but what really strikes a chord is how she digs deep into their souls and lays everything bare. Their pain and sorrow are as poetically described as their joy, and each page feels like lyrical prose. Such attention to detail and beautifully rendered dialogue is the mark of a true artist, and Jules Watson should be applauded, for this is a book to be read over and over.

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