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ISBN Unavailable
March 24, 2007
Torquere Press, Inc
26 pages
Gay erotic romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sebastian has decided to take on the life of a hermit after returning from war a changed man. He just wants to escape people and their ways; opting instead for a life of solitude.

Shae is the God that has filled Sebastian’s head with all sorts of dreams and visions of happy people, lush landscapes, and fruitful crops. He is offering a carefree life.

Shae encourages Sebastian to leave the life of misery behind and join him in another world where happiness abounds. Sebastian, on the other hand, is confused as to which is real and which is a dream; so he remains undecided about his choice.

This was a very different story. It was very interesting in that the reader can feel Sebastian's uncertainty and question the validity of the situation. This is a great read for when one can steal a few moments of “me” time.

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