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ISBN# (10)0-7679-2013-9/(13): 978-0-7679-2013-1
March 2007
Broadway Books (Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Trade Paperback / E-Book
$11.95 Paperback / $9.95 E-Book
358 Pages
Chick-lit Crime/Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kerry McAfee and twin sister, Terry, lost their parents which caused Terry to fall apart. Kerry opened up a private investigator office. Terry started taking coke that led her to a prison life for three years. After her release, she went to work with Kerry in the PI agency.

PI’s Kerry and Terry come across some interesting cases in their business. They track down deadbeat dads; retrieve runaways and anything that falls in their lap. Terry’s felony issues keep her from being top banana. Still, Terry insists on bringing in extra business, and finds herself working with vampires.

Paranormal is not Kerry’s cup of tea, but Terry is her business partner. When they are hired by Darby Applewhite, to guard a gig where Darby rides in a hearse, for a publicity stunt, for the opening of the new Dark Arts Gallery, neither expected the consequences. Darby, who now reigns as Ephemera, the Queen of the Undead, actually drops out of her coffin, with imprints of fangs in her neck. A closer investigation shows she has been sucked dry to the point she is dead, dead. Sgt. Alvarez arrives at the scene intent on finding out what killed her. Kerry and Terry soon discover there is more to the Applewhites than meets the eye, which carries them further into a most unusual case.

The Vampire of Venice Beach is filled with non-stop action and thrills. Kerry and Terry release some witty humor as their case unfolds. Jennifer Colt takes the reader on some thrilling twists and turns that almost appear real. From the episode in the hearse and the coffins, the visual scenes unfold. Even the cops arriving on the scene make a nice impression. I found the sister’s snappy dialogue and everything enlightening in this invigorating read.

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