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ISBN#: 9781600882906
August 2008
Cobblestone Press, LLC
66 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Kara Staten has two reasons to be excited, opening a new business and becoming engaged. Kara truly loves Marc, but just when everything is going great, she notes a change in him.

Marc Brodeur loves Kara and will do anything for her. One night of incredible passion has Marc tasting her blood. He was not supposed to let the vampire in him come out and now his secret may push her away for good.

Kara is thrilled to have her own skincare store. Everything is wonderful for her, especially after Marc proposes. But when he becomes disinterested in spending time with her, she wonders what happened. Then a mysterious card is sent in a brown envelope, with the word harmony, making her even more curious with the events surrounding her life. Marc is general night manager at the Hillside Hotel. He has tried to blend in like a human for hundreds of years, instead of a vampire. After a few changes in his life, he has to find a way to confess the truth to Kara. Will she toss him out after hearing the news, and what does the harmony card have to do with them?

M.G. Braden spins a delightful read with The Vampire Oracles: Harmony. The heat between Kara and Marc acts like a blazing inferno. They emit emotions that bring out their joy, laughter, pain, even sorrow. This believable couple had me rooting for them throughout the story. My heart went out to Marc as he fights with his conscience, and his feelings for Kara. The scene and atmosphere, when Marc and Kara have a heartfelt conversation, allows the reader to cry out for them. With a good pace, this charming tale allows the reader to grow with the characters while learning beautiful lessons in life.

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