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ISBN#: 9781600882623
June 2008
Cobblestone Press, LLC
53 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Maria Talbuth is tired of being harassed. One of her dates, Brett, refuses to leave his wandering hands at home when they are together. The only man she wants to touch her pays her no attention until she needs his help.

Dylan McKnight works for the detective agency run by his family. He specializes in night work. After the postman gets his and Maria’s mail crisscrossed, he learns some mysterious admirer is stalking her.

Maria is tired of the mysterious phone messages and packages. The police do not take her seriously about any stalker. When Dylan takes Maria her mail, he overhears a strange message being left on her answering machine. He is curious about her admirer and the packages. Maria has no clue. Brett is like an octopus when they are together, but she has no idea if he is the one. Dylan agrees to protect her then wonders if he spoke too quickly. Immediately the chemistry forms between them, making it hard to push the other away. While they give into their passionate whims, they wonder who is trying to practically suck the blood from her life.

The Vampire Oracle: The Moon is an unusual type of read with bite. I thought it was most interesting with a nice premise to it. Michelle Hasker knows how to tell a great story. She sketches vibrant characters, a plot that keeps moving, and some suspenseful tingly dark moments that had this reader feeling a bit of a chill. The story flows smoothly and the additional characters had me wondering what was in store for poor Maria. Dylan is an enigma that certainly sets off some sparks in the pages of this fantastic tale. With some creative sizzling moments, Dylan and Marie scorch the pages.

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