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ISBN# 9781600883101
September 5, 2008
Cobblestone Press, LLC.
69 Pages
Vampire/Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Holly Cartwright learns she does not have much time left when she is diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. She takes her life savings and buys the Whispering Pines Plantation, not caring that the manor is supposedly haunted.

Douglas McCarthy has been a vampire for as long as he can remember. Of course, he never really considered living eternally as a vampire as really living. After harming a woman, he entombs himself behind the walls of his cellar.

Holly wonders who sent her the pink roses with the macabre poem, with only one name: Aidan. With only six months left to live, she wants to be by herself, when she purchases the mansion rumored to be haunted. Douglas is trapped behind the wall in the mansion and overhears Holly crying. Her presence inside the house begins to grow on him. Holly is determined to find a way to release Douglas. Once the wall is broken, heat sizzles between them. With her days numbered, can Douglas offer her an eternal life to bring incredible happiness? And what does it have to do with the poem?

The Vampire Oracle: Tomb is a heart-tugging read. I absolutely love the part about the "my gentleman vampire", not to mention when Douglas calls Holly, "pet". Rebecca Goings continues to weave stories that touch a chord and bring sunshine practically to the soul. Even with the circumstances that arise with Holly and Douglas, the readers are allowed to share in their sorrows. Yet deep down, no matter how troubled they are, I saw two people full of a loving spirit that leaps from the pages. This reader was magically transported into their lives, wishing only good tidings for them always.

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