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ISBN#: (10)055390566X/(13)9780553905663/Hardcover-(10)0553807323/(13)9780553807325
August 26, 2008
Bantam Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 100191284
E-Book and Hardcover
$16.95 E-Book and $22.00 Hardcover
560 Pages for Hardcover and 384 Pages for E-Book
Rating: 4 Cups

Robert Wallis is an easy-going impecunious poet. He was trying to enjoy a cup of coffee, only to discover it has a bad aftertaste, when he is approached by Samuel. Not certain of where his future is headed, Robert is offered an opportunity hard to turn down.

Samuel Pinker, owner of Castle Coffee, is in the coffee trade, and has an interesting proposition for Robert. He is certain the poet has a way with words to express his coffee. Of course he was not prepared for any courtship between his daughter Emily and Robert.

After accepting employment at the Castle Coffee, Robert learns he will be working with Emily. He finds her rather interesting and at first has no idea Samuel is her father. When he makes the discovery, it does not matter, for the two strike a companionship from the start. Robert is to create a language of coffee through the different intangible flavors. He had no idea his palate would carry him on an adventure never experienced. Unfortunately, what he and Emily discover in each other's arms is soon tested as much as Robert’s taste for the different coffees. When it seems that history may be changed, will this be the end of Emily’s and Robert’s relationship?

The Various Flavors of Coffee is an unforgettable journey that sticks with this reader. I thought the way Robert discovers Emily is the daughter of Samuel is comical in a way. I liked the way Anthony Capella allows the reader to visualize the whole scenario. I love the connection between Emily and Robert, not to mention their whole intriguing romance. This striking and passionate tale was a refreshing read for me. Anthony Capella surprisingly pens a fascinating story of coffee that brings out much more than the average coffee bean. The different layers of twist and turns, not to mention how far a dutiful father will go to take care of his daughter is wonderfully penned in this magnificent read. It made this reader look at coffee beans in a different way.

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