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ISBN#: 9731603941389
March 2008
New Concepts Publishing
163 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie Taylor moved to Bluebonnet Creek to get away from the crime and congestion of Houston. Her antique store is struggling a bit but she is getting by. Her romance with the town Sheriff is comfortable but not exciting.

Porter Davis is the new guy in town. An ex-con, everyone is a little suspicious of him. Cassie’s store is across the street and he enjoys watching the sexy shop owner and provoking her a little with his store promotions.

The Violet Society virtually runs the small town of Bluebonnet Creek and when the first murder in fifty years happens on their watch, they take immediate action with a neighborhood watch. The main suspect is ex-con Porter Davis, and the group of little old ladies is determined to keep their favorite antique shop owner safe from his clutches.

This is a very enjoyable tale from beginning to end. The setting, a small Texas town, is perfect for the plot. The safe little town is jolted from complacency by the murder of the owner of a tea shop. The investigation and the neighborhood watch unearth many little secrets. I liked the Violets. They are nosy and manipulative but not malicious, and they genuinely care. The other characters in the story are just as well done; quirky, but not overly so. The relationship between Cassie and Porter is fraught with difficulties and Cassie’s health crisis adds to the drama. The subplot of Jeff, the Sheriff and Jenna, the new owner of the tea room and their budding romance is a nice touch, but the murder mystery really makes the story. This is billed as a contemporary romance, but there is a really good mystery here for fans of that genre also.

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