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ISBN# (13) 978-1-60174-049-6/ (10) 1-60174-049-2
February 2008
Uncial Press
235 pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Lara Wakefield has had enough of notoriety because of her ability to hear the dead. The job as a cook in a diner in an obscure Pennsylvania town suits her just fine and the spirits are leaving her alone.

Stuart Manning is a former cop turned P.I. His latest client wants him to find a psychic who can talk to his missing and presumed dead daughter. The price is right and the woman is easy enough to find, now he has to get her to Montana.

A mob boss is determined to find out what happened to the daughter who disappeared ten years ago. His only hope is Lara Wakefield, but Lara shuns the limelight, so he hires a detective to find her and bring her to him.

This is an interesting suspense tale with three good main characters. Stuart is a tortured ex-cop who feels responsible for his partner’s death. Lara is cursed by her gift and wishes it would go away, and Chrissy is an unwanted and neglected child who befriends the both of them. The rest of the cast is like a group from a mafia cartoon, from the boss and his taciturn right hand man, to his widowed sister and femme fatale niece. They add a bit of comic relief. The plot itself is fun to read with elements of suspense, romance and the paranormal. The dialogue is engaging, but the Dulce family’s can be a little stiff and not as natural as the others, Brooklynese does not seem to be this author’s first language, but that in itself makes the Dulce’s more out of place in Montana. There is a good amount of suspense and fine love scenes also in this very enjoyable story.

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