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ISBN# 10: 0-345-50282-5 / (13): 978- 0-345-50282-7 and (10): 0-345-50784-3/ (13): 978- 0-345-50784-6 E-Book
June 17, 2008
Ballantine Books (Imprint of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mary Francis O’ Mara is married to loving husband, Danny. She always has time to meet with her four friends, deemed the Wednesday sisters. Brett Tyler is married to Chip, a physicist. Ally Tantry learns that her husband, Jim, has taken a job at a new law office. Linda Mason is married to Jeff who happens to be a doctor. Kathryn Claire Montgomery is happy to announce husband, Lee, is a doctor.

To look at the five women one would think they often met in fancy coffee shops, but they are not the least bit fancy. Kath usually stays busy with the children, of which husband, Lee, proves to be no help. She is always exhausted and glad to meet with the sisters who offer an abundance of laughter. As they meet and share their dreams, and trials, an idea forms to write a novel.

The Wednesday Sisters Writing Society believes it will be the best novel ever. With each hardship, rejection, marriage and family problem, the women stay strong and determined to achieve their goal. Mary, Brett, Ally, Linda and Kath, each face difficult obstacles but no matter how painful the problems, they learn to be survivors. When the book is finished, will it break up their relationship or bring them closer?

The moment I started reading The Wednesday Sisters, I knew it was a book I would enjoy. I like the way the story digs deep into close friends and instills how family can often mean more than blood relatives. The way the five close friends knit together is examined beautifully. This easy flowing read allows cherished friends to connect in a way to permit others to experience the fantastic bond each woman shares. The love, camaraderie, and devotion linking these five outstanding women together is so poignant I felt centered right in the middle of the loving group. Meg Waite Clayton delightfully pens a story women will treasure. By demonstrating the different degrees, of love and friendship, each character embarks on, makes this story noteworthy.

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