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ISBN#: 193341720X
June 2008
Trade Paperback
167 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Julian Whitcombe must find the one woman who can help with his transformation. If he can locate her and obtain her love, he can finally become mortal again.

Simone LeClerc is on a search for her missing stepsister, Dottie. She is beside herself with worry ever since the hurricane went through New Orleans.

Simone spoke to Dottie two days before the hurricane hit. Now she has no idea where her sister is, and with the aftermath of the hurricane, Simone is extremely worried. She may be in luck when she runs into Julian. She can only hope he will be able to locate Dottie before it is too late. Julian knows when the need is great, she will come to him. When he meets Simone, no one has to tell him she is the woman he seeks. She can make him human. Then after the transformation, he can help with the transforming of his brothers. Simone is not certain about any of the events. How can vampires even exist? She slowly trusts him while falling in love with him. Then she learns about Dottie’s whereabouts. She never figured she would have to make a choice between Dottie and Julian, when Julian had become an important part of her life.

The Vampire Julian is a compelling read. I could feel the emotions. I also experienced the urgency to find a missing sibling, as Simone frets she may never see Dottie again. Just the backdrop alone, with Hurricane Katrina, allows the reader to share in all the painful events that others endured. Ann B. Morris allows two lost souls to find love and romance amidst a frightening experience that rips through the loved ones of New Orleans. Her well-rounded characters leave a lasting impact in this interesting read.

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