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Father Dowling Series

Book 1: Her Death of Cold
Book 2: The Bishop As Pawn
Book 3: The Seventh Station
Book 4: Lying Three
Book 5: The Second Vespers
Book 6: Thicker Than Water
Book 7: The Loss Of Patients
Book 8: The Grass Widow
Book 9: Thicker Than Water
Book 10: Rest In Pieces
Book 11: The Basket Case
Book 12: Abracadaver
Book 13: Four On The Floor
Book 14: Judas Priest
Book 15: Desert Sinner
Book 16: Seed of Doubt
Book 17: A Cardinal Offense
Book 18: The Tears Of Things
Book 19: Grave Undertakings
Book 20: Triple Pursuit
Book 21: Prodigal Father
Book 22: Last Things
Book 23: Requiem For A Realtor
Book 24: Blood Ties
Book 25: The Prudence Of Flesh
Book 26: The Widow’s Mate
Book 27: Ash Wednesday
Book 28: The Wisdom Of Father Dowling
Book 29: Stained Glass
Book 30: The Compassion Of Father Dowling

ISBN #(10)0373266545/(13)9780373266548
November 2008
A Worldwide Mystery/St Martins Press, LLC
$5.99 US/ $6.99 CAN
251 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Wallace Flanagan turned his back on the family business, disappointing his father. His choice is to work with the money he earned himself. Then he disappeared, leaving behind his distraught family. Ten years later, his mangled body is found in a cement mixer.

Father Dowling has not always been at St. Hilary’s. He was not there when Wally Flanagan went missing. But it seems now after finding Wally's body, the case has been reopened and people are coming to him to ask for help or offer thoughts on what has happened. How could he not become involved?

Rumors are circulating that a local family, who might have dealings with the mob, might also have had a hand in Wally’s murder. This seems to bring everyone out of the woodwork, and they want in on the murder. Only, they will soon learn that what they perceive to be real is just the tip of the iceberg.

As my first Father Dowling mystery, I thought it was rather intriguing. It has plenty of suspense and surprises to keep you turning the pages. Albeit a bit confusing with so many characters to remember, I happily enjoyed this offbeat mystery and was very surprised at the outcome. This is a book you will want to enjoy yourself.

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