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ISBN# Paperback-978-1-4327-2311-8/Hardback-978-1-4327-1826-8
March 2008
Outskirts Press, Inc
10940 S. Parker Rd. – 515, Parker, CO 80134
606 Pages
Ratings: 4 Cups

Victor Durant has always found something to argue about with Zoe. He has never really looked at Zoe in a love interest way. After being transported to another planet, he discovers an intriguing world.

Zoe has been friends with Victor for many years. When she was twelve, she had a crush on him but that disappeared when she realized he would probably always stay a nerd. She values love and is a romantic at heart.

Victor and Zoe are locked in a different portal after being transported to another planet. On Asharra they discover something new and challenging. When they first meet Theyna, they find her different than teenagers on earth. She is confident and coy. When Theyna speaks to Victor and Zoe, she finds their words are empty. The more Theyna speaks, only draws Zoe into learning more of the Asharra culture. In a land of adventure, where even the language is spoken differently, Zoe and Victor witness a place where the purpose is to learn to enjoy and play. No meat-eaters of any kind, only strict vegetarians, no natural predators or preys, and a place where minds thirst for more, pulls Zoe and Victor into a planet less turbulent than earth. Their eyes open to many new developments, not only in the different cultures, but the way they see each other. Will they be reunited with their planet Earth or stay in the magical land that offers tranquil advantages?

The Winds of Asharra is a world of impeccable magic. With people who come to life, and exhibit a whole new stamina, to priorities and challenges that can test the heart, and allow emotions to run high, I was pulled into the action with Victor and Zoe when they meet a whole new breed of civilization. I was impressed with the writing and skills that were incorporated in this entertaining read. It is a land full of adventures that I would love to travel to and view. R. Leigh captures the reader’s heart while connecting them to a planet, and people, where the winds carry them on a remarkable journey of learning what really lies within the heart. This captivating romance will leave the reader in awe.

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