ISBN #1-4199-0417-5
March 2006
Cerridwen Press Publication
226 Pages

The Runner clans experience an epidemic of robberies as landlinks and women persist
in vanishing. The aggravation between Lord Andru and Lady Meah only intensifies with
all the events.

Lord of Gothman is bothered with the outbreak of pilfering. There is no evidence to help
decipher the misdeeds.

Lord Andru loves Ana. It becomes more evident to Lady Meah and the whole public. He
has always wanted her.

Lord Gilroy is Andru’s first commander with a strong desire for Lady Meah.

In the Nuworld series, the Gothman and Runners confront danger when the two strongest
nations risk being split apart. Someone is stealing from the clan site and Meah comes
up empty in her search. After Ana’s trailer is attacked by laser fire, she and four Runners
come up missing and the others seek their whereabouts. The Gothman are prepared to
attack in any battle and the Nuworld realize they are a lethal group of people. When
Gilroy learns that Andru attacked Meah, more trouble erupts within the clan. Meah is
forced to stop a fight between Gilroy and Andru before it further escalates, when Gilroy
orders Andru to keep his hands off his woman. Battle lines are drawn and they must
decide if blood is thicker than water as the quest to love the wrong woman turns
devastating and two nations tackle possible destruction when they start to collapse.

This is a fast moving story that follows in a series with the Nuworld Saga. The characters
are not without any blemishes, but are quite likeable. I enjoyed how Andru and Ana had
the ability to detect their feelings and thoughts. Lorie O’Clare spins a fascinating read
with a cast of colorful characters that weave a remarkable tale of chivalry, romance, and
duty to mankind.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books