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ISBN # 9781604352702702
January 1, 2009
Red Rose Publishing
$3.99 US
153 Pages
Historical/Period, Desert Rose, Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 3 Cups

Femi is a poor farmer’s daughter who has endured his angry punishments. That has been the only life she has ever known. Then she is kidnapped and taken to become a slave girl in the King’s harem, only she plans on escaping and vows she will go back home again someday. Yet what the future holds for her will ultimately change her forever.

King Hansani Tarik has had many women in his harem, but none the likes of Femi. She intrigues him from their first meeting. She is full of fire and yet makes him smile and feel happy. He knows she is meant for special things and cannot help but fall in love with her, wanting to make her his queen.

With both of them finding passion burning between them, Hassani and Femi become one. But as the good is happening, the bad rears its head as well. Secrets of the past are revealed and threats against Femi’s life put them on edge. Is this the future that is meant for Femi, or is this just part of the evil that has sprouted itself among them?

Thieves in the Night is an exciting read full of twists and turns in a faraway land. Femi is just as strong as the king or any other man. She is just one of the characters you will enjoy. Strong characters, excitement, romance, and secrets are all found within the pages of Ms. Starr’s book. Go pick it up today.

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