ISBN # 1-4199-0119-2
September 2005
Ellora's Cave Publishing
219 pages
Vampire / Paranormal / Anthology

Haunted Redemption by Melani Blazer

Lili DeWitt accompanies her girlfriends in volunteering at a haunted house on Halloween
night. Dressed as a sexy vampiress, she is assigned to a particular room to scare those
walking through. While there, she encounters a handsome and charismatic man who
reminds her of a lost love who disappeared many years ago. She has never fully gotten
over him and is sure she must be imagining this new man's resemblance to him. When
she has a startling revelation, Lili must make a few decisions that will affect the rest of
her life.

Scott is thrilled to see the lovely Lili again but he knows he cannot tell her the truth of his
existence. As a real vampire from another planet, he is aware that their differences may
be too great but he cannot help but want Lili. He must go back to Galus to battle the
deadly asteroids that threaten to destroy his world but he really does not want to go
back without Lili. However, he does not know if she can accept him as he is.

Scott and Lili are wonderful characters who fit together very well. The feelings they have
for each other are very visible to the reader. The differences that may keep them apart
make the story more poignant. The sex scenes are steaming hot and left me fanning
myself. I especially enjoyed the way Scott talks to Lili in bed. The supporting characters
are interesting and left me wanting to read more about them. The premise of a planet of
vampires is intriguing and I would like to read more related stories in the future if
possible. I was kept on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.

Ms. Blazer has written a tantalizing tale that is just perfect to read on a chilly dark night. I
found her take on the vampire myths to be refreshing and unique. A few things about her
vampires are typical of how I think of these supernatural creatures but there were a few
new twists and turns that made the story fresh and exciting for me. I recommend this
story to anyone who enjoys tales of vampires and the paranormal.

Embrace Forever by B.J. McCall

Jastra wakes up after being in a frozen state on a cryogenic prison ship. Accused of
killing her former Master, Hrice, she was sentenced to death. When she wakes up on
the planet Draco, she finds herself in the capable hands of a new Master who also just
happens to be a vampire. Her fellow inmates Brasov and Phan are also destined to be
the huge man's slaves. She does her best to assist the other two while adjusting to her
new life. Eventually, she begins to develop feelings for Dauthus that go beyond the
Master/Slave relationship.

Dauthus must have food and sex if he is to have the strength and energy needed to
continue the battle to protect the planet Tariz from killer asteroids. He expects to use his
new slaves to appease his appetites but he does not expect to fall in love with one of
them. He feeds from Brasov and has Phan care for the other man's needs. Jastra he
keeps for himself. Her beauty and personality enthrall the big vampire until he wants no
other female but her. He must also deal with a challenger who wants both Jastra and his
position of leadership.

Jastra and Dauthus really captured my imagination. They are fantastic characters with
intriguing personalities. The emotion that develops between them is easily visible. The
sex scenes are well written and very graphically detailed. I ended up taking a cold
shower when I was finished with this particular story. The supporting characters are
important to the storyline. Without Phan and Brasov it would be more difficult for Jastra
to provide the needs of her vampire lover. The evil vampire Rathe adds an element of
danger and suspense to the story as well. The futuristic setting is nicely described and
befitting to the storyline. The plot fits well with the first story in this anthology and kept my
eyes riveted to the pages.

This is not the first exhilarating story I have read by Ms. McCall and I am certain it will not
be the last. I adore the vampire world she has created here and would love to read more
about it. Her heroes really grab my attention and keep it. I would have enjoyed more
same sex interaction between Dauthus and Brasov but the glimpses I received of
kisses and caresses between them really turned me on. I recommend this story to
anyone looking for a great vampire tale to read on a long winter's night.

Cassandra's Enchantment by Cynthia Williams

Phineas has a thing for his young stepmother but is certain that nothing can come of it.
His father passed away three years previously but Phineas has not made a move to
show her how he feels. Also, he has been away at college but he does see her when he
travels home for weekends and such. When he is invited to attend a party at
Cassandra's family home he attends not knowing what will be expected of him once he
gets there.

Cassandra is determined she will not let her aunt force her into another marriage for the
good of their family. After being wed to a much older man, she is enjoying her freedom
and independence. She is also extremely attracted to her stepson Phineas, and really
does not want any other man. Once they are inside her aunt's home, she discovers that
there is a spell cast to keep all of the attendees in until they follow her aunt's decree to
form a bond with another witch or wizard in attendance. Because of this decree,
Phineas and Cassandra spend time together getting to know each other better.

Phineas and Cassandra are well suited to each other. Their relationship progresses at
a believable pace. The love scenes are hot and steamy with just the right amount of
graphic detail. The supporting characters enhance the storyline very well. Cassandra's
Aunt Miriam makes the perfect family Matriarch. The other wizards and witches also
add more meat to the story. The setting is fascinating and reminded me of the Harry
Potter movies. The plot line is interesting and kept my attention until the very last page.

Ms. Williams is a talented author who has penned a tale of magic and love that I enjoyed
greatly. I like the way the other characters keep trying to get around the spell that keeps
them locked inside the Drake ancestral home. It adds a touch of humor to the story. I
also like the way Cassandra and Phineas deal with another problem that crops up later
on in the story. Anyone who enjoys tales of love and magic is sure to enjoy this story.

I found all three stories in this awesome anthology to be enthralling and captivating. The
characterization throughout the book is very well done and the story lines are all
fascinating. I highly recommend Things That Go Bump in the Night V to anyone who
likes paranormal stories of love and lust. I cannot wait for the next anthology in this
terrific annual series from Ellora's Cave.

Susan White
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance