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ISBN# Unavailable
October 2006
Silk’s Vault Publishing
48 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kayla, a Fellorian Princess, seeks retribution for her brothers’ death.

Marcus, a Fellorian assassin, will protect Kayla and her family at any costs.

Valendera would rather kill males over females and she has a strong desire for Kayla.

Kayla had the run of her father’s palace except for the training academy and as a Princess her life had been sheltered. Also as a Shadow Fighter, she would sneak into the training area and watch Marcus during his training for the Death Council watcher to protect her father. Years later, she still longs for Marcus’ touch. After her brother’s death, she solely gives her body to the killer only for reprisal. She calls upon Marcus to help bring down the killer. Marcus immediately informs that even though she may be Highborn, he is not her servant, and will not jump at her ever whim. He will do everything to safeguard her and work with her to try to destroy Valendera but she must heed his words. At first, she does not like his commands but when he informs he would even give his life for her, she is deeply touched. Now they must fight their temptation while they try to put down a powerful killer.

Thirst for Revenge simmers with heat from the first page when the Bandit, ‘Marcus,’ does his sensual dance on the stage. The ambience can be felt as soon as Kayla enters the club and each time she and Marcus are together; their emotions lace the pages. Valendera makes a great want to hate person and get even with. Ms Rose pens an insatiable tale that spins with action and whirls with hot intense excitement that keeps the reader engaged. The delightful characters, the way the story flowed and the creativity made this a very pleasurable read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books