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ISBN#: 978-0-061-24110-9
January 2008
Avon (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd St., New York, NY 10022
294 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Madeline “Maddy” Piatro has received her graduate degree and opened a company with her long term boyfriend, Carlton Connors. She gives up a job she likes, and a boss worth working for, to throw everything in with Carlton on their new venture. Her life is all planned. Their business will thrive, and Carlton will eventually marry her. There is only one problem: Carlton is not what he seems.

Carlton Connors is a rich man, whose father makes him drive a rusted-out Honda. In Maddy, he sees someone who can come up with all the new ideas, supplying these along with research and prep work for their new company. Maddy provides an added asset in warming his bed. Carlton is not only self-centered, but selfish to the core.

When Carlton breaks up with her, has her office cleaned out and moves out of their home, Maddy is devastated. Now, he wants her to sign a non-competition agreement, which will make it virtually impossible for her to get a job in her field. Next she hears he is sleeping with his new CPA, which makes Maddy not only severely depressed, but homicidal. She seriously considers poisoning him to death, but only ends up making herself sick when taste testing the poison brownies. Eventually she tires of being depressed and decides to get even. So with the help of her brother, a reformed druggie, she hires a hit man. Her intention now is not to kill her former lover, but to make his life a living hell. Will her desire for revenge land her in even worse stead? Will it lose her the potential love of a good man?

I loved "This is How it Happened"! This book has everything: suspense, action, plus lots and lots of laughs. Who has not upon occasion considered doing bodily harm to someone who has hurt them, but then decided that revenge was even better? I really loved it when Maddy finally got over being depressed and decided instead she was going to make Carlton pay. And Carlton is the perfect example of every sleazebag, deadbeat jerk that most women have had the misfortune to run across at least once in their lives. Reading about how Maddy put the jerk in his place was an absolute delight. This story had me roaring with laughter much of the time, but it is so well written that you can also feel Maddy’s hurt when she realizes she has thrown away years of her life, with almost nothing to show for it. "This is How it Happened" is a funny, engaging read that I highly recommend!

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