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ISBN# 9781934340240
September 2007
Jigsaw Press
308 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Blaine Horney is a man of many parts. He is a Texas Ranger, a psychic tracker, and an occasional P.I. He has been hired by an anonymous source through the Rangers to investigate a brutal murder in a Montana town.

Kelly Runyon and her young autistic son, Kevin, have relocated to the small Montana town of Morrison. Her twin sister, Susan, was brutally murdered there a year before and despite numerous calls to the local sheriff is not convinced that the case was investigated correctly.

Ranger Blaine Horney is about to find out just how dark the dark side of a small town can be. Morrison, Montana holds more secrets than just who murdered Susan Seidel and her daughter, Kory, a year ago. Blaine will follow the threads left behind to the conclusion.

Despite a few improbable details, this is a very well written and suspenseful tale. The characters are well developed and realistic for the most part. Blaine’s psychic ability is unique and perfectly suited for his profession. Kelly is an imperfect but sympathetic character with a great deal of love and patience for her autistic son. Her brother-in-law Shane is a tragic figure, but strong and intelligent. His two best friends are very different from each other, but essential in both the running of the ranch and holding Shane together emotionally. The villains run from malicious and petty to truly evil. I wanted to feel sorry for Doreen but just could not somehow. The plot is masterfully woven making this a very hard story to put down.

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