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ISBN: 1-4241-2990-7
August 2006
Publish America
PO Box 151, Frederick, MD 21705
Trade Paperback
Price: 24.95
293 Pages
Contemporary Suspense Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Skye Dunbar is having a tough time trying to put the previous year behind her. The computer expert thought it would continue to haunt her everyday until she happens to meet Jedediah. Now he seems to be the number one problem in her life, but something tells her things are about to change for both of them.

Jedediah Walker is a marine biologist who has been called upon to look into the incidence of the dead fish that continue to wash onto the island beaches. With so much on his plate, he failed to remember he has leased the cabin on his land to Skye and now that she is settling in, he is not too keen on having her presence on his land.

When Skye rents a cabin in the San Juans, she looks forward to some peaceful relaxation. She wants to rebuild her life and forget the old stuff in her past. Then she meets Jedediah who gets her gourd and when she learns he is the one that lease her the cabin, she wonders how they will ever get along. Jedediah has his own troubles trying to uncover who is poisoning the fish with toxic chemicals then dumping them in the sea. After Skye enters the picture, it appears things get worse and when his computer files get hacked into; he decides to do some checking on her. He dislikes anyone digging into his personal affairs. He sets out to learn more about Skye and her real involvement in the area. Skye has her own concerns with Jedediah. She has never really trusted men and Jedediah is no exception. She wants nothing to do with him or his research. But things suddenly shift when a terrible storm hits and Jedediah goes to take make sure Skye is okay. As the chase begins for the criminals behind the destroying of the fish, Skye and Jedediah embark on events that send them circling for right answers as their paths split then cross again but someone wants to keep them apart.

Three Weeks Last Spring is a romance that takes the reader on a remarkable journey that gets better with each page. Skye and Jedediah both have problems that continue to be troublesome but no matter how bad things appear, their hearts seem to connect but neither wishes to be the first to express so. It is like a cat and mouse game of wits. One thing is certain; Ms. Howard spins a tale that places the reader directly into the lives of the characters. The blending in of the plot with the fish and the breaking into the computer made the story flow smoothly. The other secondary characters contribute to the storyline to make this read a great adventure. With a plate full of action-packed adventure that kept this reader entertained, Ms. Howard creates an enjoyable read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books