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ISBN# 9781419980503
March 25, 2008
The Lotus Circle
133 Pages
Spiritual Journey Novel
Rating: 3 Cups

Enid Todd, known only as E since elementary school, has trouble sleeping. She has dreams that have a tendency of carrying her into the life of the person she is dreaming.

Bryan Remy lived with the Tamalan for many years to make him feel a part of their lives. He knows they are a real people of the Peruvian Rainforests.

E is married to Cameron, an opportunist with his own investment business. When she begins having troubled dreams, he suggests she see a client, who happens to be a yoga teacher. Chantal is a good yoga teacher and E is able to discuss her psychic dreams with her, who suggests she do some exploring of the events in her dreams. As the author of a new column at Global Soup, E searches activism news and connects with Bryan. She sends him a letter about her article on the Tamalan people. Bryan does not like the idea how she cushions the article about the people when no one knows the real circumstances involved. Mesmerized by the events at hand, E’s life take a huge spin as she pursues her dreams.

Through a Strangers Eyes is a thought provoking read. There are so many different things unfolding around the life of E. The reader gathers a wide range of emotions layered with her and Bryan. The whole setting, with the rain forest and reading how Bryan stands up for something he believes, is important, making this reader wish to be a part of helping the people. Ms. Vivelo sketches a story where dreams can come true if perseverance and hard work come into play. She does a good job in weaving a cast of characters that emit heartbreak, some mystery, and a connection that is hard to let go.

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