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ISBN 978-1-59279-682-3
Amber Quill Press, LLC
71 Pages
Nostalgic Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Sally Fleming just left her posh New York home to join the Women’s Flying Corps. She had to travel alone by train to attend flight school in Texas. Although she was a bit nervous, it was an exciting time because she was finally making her dream a reality.

Colonel Trevor Stevens, on leave from the Army Air Corps, was traveling to Washington, D.C. His fiancée had left him for another man while he was stationed in England and he decided to purchase some “entertainment” for the train ride to Washington.

When Trevor mistakes Sally for his paid companion, he certainly gets an earful. But the two of them are undeniably attracted to each other and cannot resist becoming more intimate in some very interesting places. Inevitably they must separate, but little do they know, they are in for more great times.

Trixie Stilletto does not disappoint with her newest sensual tale. Amazingly she takes a mundane train trip and turns it into something devastatingly erotic. One of the most wonderful aspects of this book is that the female character is so strong – she knows what she wants and she goes for it. The characters are so enjoyable and you know that they really belong together. Despite the erotic nature of the book, the story is a pleasing slice in time. Get ready for one steamy train ride!

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