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ISBN# 1-4199-0756-5
December 22, 2006
Cerridwen Press
E-Book and Trade Paperback
Price: $7.99 E-Book/$16.99 Trade Paperback
368 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Rebecca Roberts loved one man but he left without any explanations. When Jason enters her life again, will they have a second chance at love or will something else interrupt their best laid plans?

Jason Engles only desires one woman and that is Rebecca. When he has the opportunity to have her in his life again, this time he wants it to last forever.

Rebecca confides to her Uncle Burt that she does not understand why her mother hates her, her father abandoned her and the man she loves left with no warning. Her uncle believes she should swallow her pride, head to Nashville and find Jason. He also instructs she should write those country songs that come from her heart. When she finally sees Jason, who haunts her every thought, she feels it is only a dream. Jason left years ago for a singing career leaving a woman behind that he adored. When he spots Rebecca at a benefit for military families, it is like love at first sight again but it soon may be short-lived after Jason learns he has to return to the military which leaves Rebecca once again at a loss. She wonders is her faith strong enough to trust him this time.

Tides of Time is a spellbinding read. The characters emit so much emotion that the reader is instantly drawn into the story not wishing for it to end. I could feel the pain that ensued with Rebecca. She suffered so much that I wanted her to find happiness. Jason carried so much love for Rebecca it laced through the pages as he fights to regain her trust. Ms. Childers pens an extraordinary book read that is astonishing. She constructs a well-written poignant and heartwarming story that rates 5 cups from Coffee Time Romance.

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