ISBN: 1-59426-034-6
September 2005
Mundania Press
E-book/Trade Paperback
258 Pages

Princess Keahla is a young woman in search of a hero. She must find him through a
portal of time while enduring many hardships. When she learns that she is Radin’s dead
wife reborn and a pawn in a game between people and demons; she wrestles to
maintain her identity and save her world. Will there be repercussions, or will she be able
to save the others?

Radin Hawk is a warrior known as the Wolf. When he sees a young woman being sold
into slavery, he remembers seeing her on the beach. He hurries to cast his bid. Radin
has no idea Keahla will take him on a quest through the portals of time to try and avenge
her father’s death as well as save his people. It is a time where he learns secrets and
discovers a Sorceress Queen who cheats death. He finds himself in a race against
time, battling against the dark side.

Time of the Wolf is a wonderfully vibrant and captivating fantasy with druids, elves,
princesses, brave heroes, and warriors. I loved the relationship between Keahla and
Radin. The Sorceress Queen had me spellbound. All the characters are well developed,
and I especially enjoyed the secondary character, Mace. Keahla is a feisty princess
because she takes charge to find her hero and bring him back so her father’s murder
does not go unavenged. She is a fascinating character.

Ms. D’Arcy takes pen to paper and truly creates imaginable characters that take you to
a land filled with fanciful creatures. There are thrills and action around every corner. This
is a very explosive book with weaving plots and twists and turns on every page. Ms. D’
Arcy has a talent for telling a magical tale of new worlds. This is my first book by Ms. D’
Arcy, but it will not be my last.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance