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ISBN# 978-1-934614-03-7
September 2007
Calderwood Books
277 Pages
Time Travel
Rating: 4 Cups

Time traveling journalist, Ashley, has always had an obsession with Alexander the Great. Now that she has been chosen for the prestigious time traveling assignment, of course she chooses to interview Alexander.

Alexander the Great is loved and feared by many. He is in the midst of conquering Persia with his great army, when a very strange woman enters his life. Alexander is a strong king, but has a vulnerable side which only those close to him can see.

Ashley has only twenty hours to find Alexander, interview him, and make her way to the location where she will be returned to the present time. If only it were so easy. Alexander follows her and saves her from “Hades”. He thinks that she is the goddess, Persephone, and wants her to stay with him. She loves him and wants to stay with him; she is stuck in the past anyway. But she must be very careful to not change history or she may be erased permanently. When Alexander’s mother interferes, things take a turn for the worse for Ashley. Now she must fight for her life and for the ones she loves more than life itself.

Time for Alexander is a fresh and original time travel romance. The character development is complex and very well done. Alexander and Ashley are muti-dimensional characters who are brought to life with heart-wrenching emotion and joy. Even minor characters, such as a few of Alexander’s soldiers as well as priestesses and slaves are brought to life with vibrant descriptions and dialogue. The customs, dress, and every day life were so finely detailed that you could easily imagine yourself there. Ms. Macaire has masterfully captured the spirit of Alexander the Great in this exciting book. I am greatly anticipating the sequel.

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