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ISBN# 978-1-58385-198-2 Paperback and 978-1-58385-191-3 Hardcover
November 2007
Cold Tree Press
214 Overlook Court, Suite 253, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
Trade Paperback and Hardcover
$18.95 Paperback/$31.95 Hardcover
588 Pages 
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Inspirational/Young Adult
Rating: 4 Cups  

Dallan Keir MacDonald, the Weapon Master of Genis Lee, feels there is something missing in his life. He would like to feel like he belongs. Now he must accept the responsibility of a Maiden.

Shona Whittard, the Muiraran Maiden, has been haunted by dreams for several months. She must not give into the unwanted emotions that stir inside her. Her main choice is to survive and be protected or she will die.

Kwaku Awahnee is the Time Master of Muirara, and the villagers know once he enters the village they must quickly leave before he calls for volunteers. Working for him could often be a painful task. For now, his duty involves passing his Time Mastership to Dallan. In doing so, Dallan is facing a few problems. It appears a past Time Master took an infant and hid her somewhere until she was grown and now Dallan must convince her to fall in love with him. Of course the Muiraran’s instinct made it a habit to rule the heart and force her to mate, thus making her irresistible to Dallan’s charms. Their pairing is inevitable. It is all about timing as the Maiden, Shona, is soon to discover when she is paired with Dallan.

Time Masters really takes the reader on one huge adventure. The novel is packed full of characters that all pull together to make the story an incredible ride, not only in the present, but the past, along with the future. Geralyn Beauchamp does an exciting job on penning a science fiction, fantasy that keeps the reader glued to the events at hand. She crafts a magical world full of imaginations that gives thought to the reader while wondering who will survive the perils that each person must face in this creative world.

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