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ISBN#: 9781897559109
June 2008
Eternal Press
$ unavailable
144 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Rafe Wilde is a young man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He took over his father's company as a teenager, and shortly thereafter became a husband and father himself. Divorce followed, as did resentment towards women he found hard to shake.

Sylvie Penrith was orphaned at a young age, and lived out her childhood at Penhallagan with her grandmother Christine. She loved her grandmother very much, but when Christine interfered in her private life more than once, Sylvie decided it was time to leave.

Rafe was appalled by Christine's offer to marry off her granddaughter. All he wanted were the shares she owned in his company, not a wife, not ever again. He conjured up all types of reasons as to why, but when he met Sylvie for the first time, she was nothing like he imagined. Absolutely stunning did not do her justice. Sylvie knew she was very naive when it came to men, but never had she felt the pull of attraction like she did with Rafe. The man was as gorgeous as he was infuriating. How could she possibly have an attraction for someone so obviously rude and arrogant? The sparks between them flared hot and heavy, and left them both with a burning desire. However, from the very beginning they were bombarded with difficulties. They were a continent apart, they both had huge amounts of emotional baggage, and their communications skills were non-existent. How could a relationship even be a possibility?

Linda Sole has a wonderful way of capturing the heart of her characters, and making them come to life for the reader. Her main characters in this story are both young, but their emotional journey is one that relates well. Sylvie is a closet romantic, trying to steal her emotions. Rafe is a man stressed beyond reason with a very bruised and battered heart. Together they get a feel for true love, but can they get past the hurt and hard feelings to ever enjoy that kind of future together? I recommend you read this, and find out.

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