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ISBN # 978-1-60168-087-7
February 2008
Aspen Mountain Press
48 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gayle Osborne, a patent attorney, is very motivated and determined to be the best at her job. She also has a small secret. She and a few friends have decided to read and review erotic romances. She reviews under the fictitious name of “Miss Retort,” not wanting to harm her reputation or lose her job.

Tyler Monroe Is Gayle’s boss and he too has a secret that he does not want let out. He thinks no one who knew would take him seriously as a lawyer. He is also throwing caution to the wind and reaching out to Gayle by telling her he wants to be with her, hoping her answer will be yes.

Tyler and Gayle decide it is time to give in to the passion they have for each other. Yet each one still has their secrets. The more they are together, the urge to tell before it becomes public knowledge haunts Gayle. Is she willing to risk everything; her job, her lover, and her reputation for such a secret? Will Tyler ever confide his secret to her or will they keep these secrets to themselves?

Tort & Retort is a quick and entertaining read. As a reviewer, I found this story quite humorous. It takes reviewing to another level showing a different side of the process. Gayle and Tyler as a couple are a breath of fresh air. If you need a short break from your busy world, then take a bit of time to enjoy this book. It will make your day brighter.

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