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ISBN# (10)0352345071/(13)9780352345073
January 2009
Virgin Books (Black Lace) (An Imprint of Random House)
20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA
256 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Laura finds riding on the train to and from work has a way of allowing her mind to drift into many daydreams. The only problem with her daydreams is the spinning fantasies that continue to develop in her mind with each handsome man that comes into view.

Chris Drake is confident in everything he does. He enjoys making deals, and playing a good game of golf. One thing Chris has is taste, and after meeting Laura, his desire for her only grows stronger.

Working for a powerful company, surrounded by influential men, tends to make Laura a bit shy. Nonetheless, it does not make her eye wander less nor her daydreams of sexual fantasy waver. When she attends a meeting with her boss, Mr. Henderson, she has the pleasure of meeting charismatic Chris Drake. Then the spicy emails begin. Who could be the sender? She has worked for Mr. Henderson going on four years; could it be him? Laura needs to identify the person behind the commanding emails. She begins thinking of the emails as the devil, and a man she wishes to meet. When she has another meeting with Mr. Drake, his seduction pulls her into a darker side she wishes to enter. Could he be the devil behind the notes and is she truly ready to accept his control?

To Seek A Master sizzles with sexual fantasies and delights that heat like a firestorm. Often, when Laura was caught up in her moments, trying to figure out who the emailer was, I could feel the stir of emotions that spin through her head. Monica Belle tells a steamy tale of seduction and provocative fantasies that carry the reader into many different games that send exhilarating thrills. I liked the way Laura was depicted as a shy female who gradually comes out of her shell. The way Ms. Belle creates Laura and the stages she goes through is delightfully done. She positively creates a stirring read with lots of heat-filled fantasies.

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