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ISBN#: 1-59998-880-1
February 2008
Samhain Publishing
243 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Brielle has returned home for her Grandma’s final illness and funeral and decides to stay and reopen the family candy store. She is a powerful witch and was studying in France when she was called home, but right now her course of action seems right.

Cadon is the leader of his pack and about to retire. He is training his replacement, but his second-in-command does not have the same confidence he does. Someone has tried to kill Cadon and it is rumored that the Dragoi are massing, not a good thing.

The Shandai, wolf shifters are charged by Odin to find several runes stolen by Loki. The Vampyr also search for them for their goddess Hel. Cadon and Brielle are about to find themselves in the middle of a war. This is not the best time for Cadon to be retiring and to complicate matters, more than pastries and fudge draw him to Sweet Treats. Relationships between Shandai royalty and humans are forbidden.

I really enjoyed Ms. Denee’s take on the werewolf romance. Cadon is a very charismatic character and Brielle is as appealing as the treats she sells in her shop. I liked how the author introduces us to her world and its mores. She gives us all the information and terminology we need without overpowering the story. The forbidden love story between Cadon and Brielle has many twists and turns and both lack faith in the other from time to time making their love scenes all the hotter. Tigg and Meghi are both very vivid and important characters. I especially loved Meg; the author describes her appearance and personality so well. The plot is totally absorbing and the climax is very exciting. This story is a must read if you like a good werewolf tale.

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