ISBN#  Unavailable
December 2005
Chippewa Publishing, LLC
36 Pages
Gothic Romance

Isabella Trenton is a governess who goes to Trimagon Hall with a hidden agenda.  She
wants to discover what happened to her cousin Siobhan.  Isabella is hired to be
governess to Sir Edmund Trimagon’s grandson Andrew.  When she meets Andrew, he
asks her if she will leave him like Siobhan did.  And from the moment Isabella meets
Andrew’s uncle Tristan, she is strongly attracted to him.

Tristan Trimagon treasures his brother Hayden’s son.   Even with his brooding
personality, he shows concern for the people of the village.    A family friend, Davina
Glentyre, is staying at Trimagon.  She calls Tristan, Hayden, and their friend James
Landowner the Three Musketeers.  This title will have an impact on their lives.

When Isabella joins everyone for dinner on her first night at Trimagon, Hayden mentions
The Trimagon Legacy.  Tristan forbids him to talk about it.  Isabella’s curiosity is
peaked—later that night, Hayden tells her the legend of the Trimagon Legacy.  She is
shocked when she hears the legend and wonders if it is somehow connected to her
cousin’s death.     One day, Tristan invites Isabella to go riding with him.  While riding, an
accident occurs and Isabella wonders if this is a threat on her life.  She begins to have
nightmares.  After a disagreement with Tristan, Isabella wonders if she has lost him
forever.  Will Tristan and Isabella find their way to one another, or does someone have a
secret that will destroy them?

Trimagon Hall is a quick gothic read.  This book has everything you look for in a gothic
story—mystery, intrigue and romance.  It will keep you reading until the end to find out if
the danger is from the legend or something more sinister.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books